Chapter 10 Overview

In this chapter you will learn:

Lesson 1: Pulling Honey Off of Hives (Part 1 & 2)

  • How to Use a Fume Board
  • How to know what frames to pull
  • How to check moisture content of frames

Lesson 2: Uncapping Frames for Extracting

  • Setting up for honey extraction
  • The tools for uncapping frames
  • Tips and technique for uncapping
  • How to use an uncapping tank

Lesson 3: Extracting and Extractor Types

  • The process of extracting honey from frames
  • How to place frames in an extractor
  • How a radial extractor works
  • How a tangential extractor works
  • Difference between filtering and straining honey

Lesson 4: Bottling and Labeling Your Honey

  • How to bottle your honey
  • Proper labeling of honey
  • Understanding honey weight

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