Chapter 9 Overview

In this chapter you will learn:

Lesson 1 & 2: Understanding Swarms

  • The purpose of swarming
  • The year long cycle of swarm preparation
  • What the swarm does when it leaves
  • What the parent colony does after a swarm

Lesson 3: Signs of Swarming

  • Swarming signs to look for

Lesson 4: How to Prevent Swarming

  • Ways to decrease a colonies urge to swarm
  • Interventions to take when a hive is preparing to swarm

Lesson 5: FREE BEES!: Capturing a Swarm

  • How to capture a swarm
  • Adding to your colonies through swarms

Extended Learning: How do Swarms Choose a New Home? The fascinating Science Behind it All!

This optional extended learning opportunity is a fascinating look behind the fascinating science of how a swarm chooses a new home site, by the man who made the discovery. If you are interested in diving deep into the studies and science behind this phenomenon with the leader in the field and author of Honey Bee Democracy, Dr. Tom Seeley you will love this video. It's an hour long, but if you have the time, he is an amazing beekeeper and scientist.

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